Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Two-Tons

Hi friends, today Gautham Gambhir and V.V.S. Laxman made double hundreds in first innings of third test match against Australia. This was the first ever double hundreds hit by two Indians against Aussies. They both stunned the Australians by big partnerships too. Both were aggressive as the game progresses. They made the Indians to dominate the Aussies again. It's a good sign for Indian cricket.

Laxman's knock

Hi friends, today V.V.S. Laxman did a splendid performance and made his second double hundred against Australia. He was unbeaten on 200. Many criticized him for his batting performance. And he has knocked everyone of it. He was aggressive as the game progresses. He has a massive average against the Aussies. He got passed 2000 runs against Australia in test cricket. He is really Very Very Special.

Gambhir first double

Hi friends, today Gautham Gambhir made his first ever double hundred against Australia. He made it with the best wishes from dare devil Sehwag scribbled at bottom of his bat. He stunned everyone by passing century with a six. Gauthy was aggressive as the game progresses. Aussies tried to distract him, but he did it with confidence till the end. He has performed well in twenty twenty cricket and in one day cricket and his passion continues in test cricket too. It's a good sign for Indian cricket.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dada Rocks

Hi friends, our dada Ganguly strikes a big century and have passed 7000 run mark in test cricket. I’m sure that it’s happy news for all the dada fans. He is performing too well as he has planned to say good bye after this series. The senior players have done well in the first innings of the second test, resulting in a burden for Aussies win. Proud to be an Indian.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sachin made us proud

Hi friends, this will be a great memorable day for every Indian. Our little master Sachin has made each of us feel proud. He crossed the Brian lara’s record of most runs in test matches. He is the only one in the world to reach the 12000 run mark in test cricket. Sachin is world number one in one day cricket as well as test cricket. No one can stop him breaking records. Proud to be an Indian.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

India Vs Australia, Mohali

Hi friends, very good morning to you all. We have been waiting for this to happen often. Today the second battle is going to begin between India and Australia. Stuart Clarke is ruled out due to elbow injury. Kumble isn’t completely fit too. Is it possible for strong Indian team to win the aussies in this test in Mohali. Lets put our fingers crossed and hope for the India’s win.

Sri Rangam Temple

Hi friends, this temple is located in tamilnadu, India. The Temple of Srirangam in the Indian city of Tiruchirapalli, is the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world. The temple is enclosed by 7 concentric walls with a total length of 32,592 feet or over six miles. These walls are enclosed by 21 Gopurams. Among the marvels of the temple is a "hall of 1000 pillars"

Ankor Wat

Hi friends, this is the largest temple in the history and the inspiration to countless novels and action movies of Hollywood Ankor Wat. Ankor Wat is a temple complex at Angkor, Cambodia, built in the early 12th century. As the best-preserved temple at the site, it is the only one to have remained a significant religious center since its foundation.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Punjab Golden Temple

This temple is situated in India. This is Punjabi’s home temple. The Harmandir Sahib (meaning The Abode of God) or simply the Golden Temple in Punjab, India is the most sacred shrine of Sikhism. It is located in the city of Amritsar, which was established by Guru Ram Das, the fourth guru of the Sikhs.


In the 19th century, Dutch occupiers of Indonesia found a massive ancient ruin deep in the jungles of Java. What they discovered was the complex of Borobudur, a gigantic structure built with nearly 2 million cubic feet of stones. The temple has nearly 2,700 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues.

Chion-in Temple

This temple is most popular among Chinese people. It is also one of the popular temples in the world. Chion-in Temple was built in 1234 CE to honor the founder of Jodo (Pure Land) Buddhism, a priest named Honen, who fasted to death in the very spot.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deepest Swimming Pool

Nemo 33 is a recreational diving center in Brussels, Belgium that is home to the world's deepest swimming pool. The pool itself consists of a submerged structure with flat platforms at various depth levels. The pool has two large flat-bottomed areas at depth levels of 5m (16 ft) and 10m (32 ft), and a large circular pit descending to a depth of 33m (108 ft). It is filled with 2,500,000 litres of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water maintained at 30°C (86°F) and contains several simulated underwater caves at the 10m depth level. There are numerous underwater windows that allow outside visitors to look into the pools at various depths.

Round Transparent Ball

Hi friends, here floats a bubble in the air. It looks like a round transparent ball. Have a closer look at the bubble, the whole sky gets reflected in that transparent bubble. It has its own beauty. These are the one of the things we admire in real life.

Polar Lights

Auroras are natural light displays in the sky, usually observed at night, particularly in the polar zone. They typically occur in the ionosphere. The aurora borealis is also called the northern polar lights, as it is only visible in the sky from the Northern Hemisphere. The aurora borealis most often occurs from September to October and from March to April. This was taken in Oxararfoss in Iceland.

Prambanan, Indonesia

Prambanan is a Hindu temple in Central Java, Indonesia. The temple was built in 850 CE, and is composed of 8 main shrines and 250 surrounding smaller ones. This is one of the largest Hindu temples in south-east Asia.

Wat Rong Khun, Thailand

It’s Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This temple has a fine blend of traditional Buddhist art with contemporary themes. The temple is almost entirely white, no other colors are used. It is though decorated with small pieces of mirrored glass which add substantially to the temple’s spacious and airy feel. Designed to be viewed in moonlight, if you can manage to get there when the moon is out it’s worth the effort, very nice indeed. This temple is certainly worth a visit unless you have limited time.

Shwedagon Paya

No one knows exactly when the Shwedagon Paya in Myanmar was built - legend has it that it is 2,500 years old though archaeologists estimate that it was built between the 6th and 10th century. This temple is also known as the Golden Pagoda, is a 98-meter (approx. 321.5 feet) gilded stupa located in Yangon, Burma.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

above the clouds

Hi friends, this shot was taken thousands and thousands of miles away from floor. Can’t you guess? Yes this shot was taken above the clouds. This picture was photographed during the flight from Vienna to Frankfurt, approaching Frankfurt.

waves - one more time

Hi friends, see how huge the waves are rising. That’s really horrible to swim in those big big waves as they may take us away with the great force of water. Most of the people cannot withstand and therefore at most times, this results in loss of lives.

cock fight

Hi friends, this post is about cock fight. The cock fight is popular among villages in India. In ancient times, the people earned money through cock fights. A small sharp metal like knife will be tied to one of legs of cock and made to fight on other cock. A person who has his cock died loses and the other wins. This was pass time gambling for most people in villages.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

all alone

This is dangerous as seen in the picture. Can you see a man sitting over the edge of the big stone? I’m sure that it’ll be thousands of feet from ground. If you think of being there, you’ll be dumb struck. This shot is taken on a Norway's cliff Prekestolen (also known as Preacher's Pulpit).

exactly timed

Hi friends, this picture is taken at exact right time. See the group of birds flying over in sea and watch that single solo bird eager to take its prey, this is one of the rare images which is exactly timed and photographed.

bird and water

Hi friends, see the cute bird relaxing in water. The bird exercises its head in water. It does it so faster in fraction of time and it was beautifully photographed by a person. This is a very nice picture taken at right time.

skier's paradise

Hi friends, the looks of this picture are great. See the clouds and snow mingled each other. Climbing partner at 17,000′ on Denali carrying his skis down to around 16,200′ where he will be able to ski down the rest of the way to base camp at 7200′. This picture is really cool.

red october

Hi friends, wherever the sun rises it adds more beauty to the existing nature. That’s a universal truth. If you don agree have a look at this picture. See how the sun rises over Bogie Lake in Michigan. The red sun with water, clouds, flowers and mountains looks great.

crystal clarity

Hi friends, have a look at the boy spreading the fishing nets in early morning to catch fishes. The clarity of this picture is clear and amazing. The small waves of water moving away from the net just placed in the water looks something wonderful.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

northern lights from space

Hi friend, have a guess at this picture. This seems to have blue color spread around. This stunning picture is nothing but the Northern lights as seen from space. See the rays of light, they look too pretty.

shanghai acrobatic show

Acrobatics is an interactive art form. This is a great entertainment for all viewers. Everyone, young or old, educated or not, can easily appreciate it while watching or seeing the acrobats perform. You will truly have an unforgettable experience of your life. They are held each night and last for about 2 hours. This picture was taken during an acrobatic show in a Shanghainese theatre.

nice shot

This image was taken in Changa Beach, Coquimbo. The color composition of this image is really amazing. If you have a closer look at the picture, you can see Jesus Christ statue situated in corcovado mountain, brazil. This is awesome.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pigeon Point Light House

Hi friends, this Pigeon Point Light house was built in 1871. This is used to guide ships and it is one of tallest lighthouse in United States. Once per year at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse they shut down the weak insipid modern (presumably electric) light and switch over the 5 kerosene lamps and Fresnel lens of the original, as it was 135 years ago.

Tiger's Nest Monastery

Hi friends, this is one of the top temples in the world. This is Tiger’s Nest Monastery. This temple is perched on the edge of 3000 feet high from ground. Tiger's Nest is the most famous of Bhutan's monasteries. This is one of holiest place in Bhutan. This is a place of pilgrimage for Buddhists. This is really amazing to see.

Family of bugs

Hi friends, these bugs have nice texture and color. These bugs are not more harmful to humans. They impress us with attractive colors in groups. This is a very nice photograph of colorful bugs.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

mount fugi

Hi friends, this is mount fugi. See the mountain covered with clouds, some portion of snow around it and the beautiful blue sky. These add more beauty to this image. This photo was taken in Japan.

time to go home

Hey it’s time to go home. See the unity among that beautiful group of birds. We the humans have to learn much from it. The way the birds are lined up makes the composition extraordinary fantastic. It’s awesome.

two ways at looking at a fish

In our daily life, some need us and some may not. See this picture, it tells you one among those. The baby admires at the fish in the fish bowl, but the cat thinks of eating it in no time. This is the way, the world is today. So think and act smart such that everyone needs you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

refashioned dahlia

Dahlia is a genus of bushy, tuberous, perennial plants native to Mexico, Central America, and Colombia. There at least 36 species of Dahlia. Dahlia hybrids are commonly grown as garden plants. The Aztecs gathered and cultivated the dahlia for food, ceremony, as well as decorative purposes, and the long woody stem of one variety was used for small pipes. This photo was taken at Duncan Garden in Spokane, WA.

bird and meat

Hi friends, can you guess what that cute bird have with it. It is the nothing but a piece of meat. That bird is ready to have it. This is really a very nice photography. This picture is damn cute.

water drop

A photo which was taken at the exact right time. You should have seen this picture more often. Because this picture has more popularity and will be available as desktop wallpaper in various resolutions.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

seagull on a sign

Obviously the human’s nature is to break the rules and not to abide by it. In real life most of them don’t follow the rules and get charged for not following it. Have a look at this picture. This seagull seems to have its own personal understanding of human's rules. This is something funny.

swimming pool

Generally opinions differ from person to person depending on how they take things. The same happens here. The views too differ as such. Many love to be different. Take a look at the swimming pool in this image. It is pictured from a quite different perspective which makes us to think for a while.


Hi friends, Can u see the amazing natural trees in autumn with reddish orange leaves which makes everyone to attract much. Smoke from the leaf pile adds more beauty to this picture.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

if i was an old building

"If I was an old building I would want to be by the ocean. Till the end of times". This amazing colorful picture was photographed at the old fishing piers of the Texas Bolivar Peninsula.